Evidence-based 100% natural products 👌🏼

Shobha CV, Founder & Chief Formulator

Disturbed by chemicals 🚫 in 99.99% beauty products out there and inspired by ancient secrets of Ayurveda, Botany, and Folk Medicine, CV Shobha started OLUMÉ to let the new generation know there is nothing better than plant chemistry to heal and feel better.

It's rather easy to apply a quick fix, a hack of sorts — anyone can do so. Healing is hard, takes awareness and is definitely a much better option for your health and well-being ✅🌱

  • Why Sourcing Right Is Important? 🙌🏼

    Due to the rampant use of pesticides and fertilizers, we have sucked the life out of soil 🙁 The dengeneration of soil started happening at rapid pace after enactment of Green Revolution policies which encouraged monoculture further. A study stated that compared to 50 years ago, food we eat today contains as much 80% less nutrients! 😳


    Which means, if the sourcing of your ayurvedic herbs isn't right (meaning, cheap and market sourced), it's not going to work.

  • Western Ghats 🏔

    We source our herbs from all across India, but most of the sourcing is done from regions located near Western Ghats like Shimoga and Malnad.


    If the herb we need can be grown by smallholder or landless farmers, we ask them to cultivate such herbs. Such farmers are well-versed in folk medicine and have a deep know-how on how to grow and take care of medicinal plants.


    Since most of them don't 'own' any land per se, we help them generate income by sourcing herbs directly from them.